I can't speak highly enough about Marc


Marc is a highly skilled, seasoned RTT practitioner. He asked me engaging questions that identified my emotional blocks and then smoothly guided me into a hypnotic trance with his calm presence and soft, assuring voice. He expertly helped me identify scenes of my childhood that caused me pain and reframed my limiting beliefs with uplifting, empowering self-dialog of abundance and love.   Marc is the embodiment of personal transformation and rapid healing. He has mastered the art of helping clients accept life events, let them go and be in flow with new, empowering beliefs. If you feel the earth is crumbling beneath your feet, Marc will teach you how to emerge from a crisis feeling like a pyramid with an emotional foundation that is strong, supple and capable of withstanding every environmental change. I highly recommend Marc as an RTT  Therapist™ without hesitation.


I'm now more more content and fulfilled in all areas of my life that I've ever been.


I met Marc just over one year ago through mutual friend.

We then embarked on the RTT programme, Marc guided me through the process and in short space of time my mental and physical welfare improved immeasurably

Im now more more content and fulfilled in all areas of my life that I’ve ever been.

The RTT programme has been a revelation and I know anyone who does the course has the potential to benefit from it.


Marc has unlocked so much for me


Quite simply put, I consider Marc an angel.
Overnight, and with just one session down, my life has drastically improved. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with complex PTSD and one of my main issues was sleeping. As we know, sleep deprivation was a form of torture. I’ve felt tortured for all that time until I sought help from Marc. It didn’t stop there, though. My PTSD came about from an abusive relationship, and I used alcohol as a crutch because every other type of therapy I’d tried simply didn’t work. I needed to numb my pain and darkness and alcohol was the only thing that gave me immediate relief. Looking back, I was definitely self harming by using that tactic.

Marc has unlocked so much for me. I felt so comfortable with him. He made me instantly feel at ease. I trusted him implicitly throughout this whole process and I felt he understood. He’s absolutely changed my life, and I am forever indebted to him. Also, my family and friends are so happy to have the old me back. I find this the most incredible way to heal so many people in such a short time. Thank you so much.

Charlotte D

Having a weight lifted off.

I have to say I’ve always been sceptical about hypnosis, a fear of not being in control, as you see on the television, but, it was nothing like that, I was present throughout the session, and to my own astonishment I found myself sharing things I had never told another living being, but as he later described, that it was so deep routed that I had it buried and needed to rid myself of this issue and it was one of the things that had been dragging me down, holding me back, and he was right, I just didn’t realise the impact that experience many years ago was still lurking in my subconscious. I’m now well in control of that memory, I have put it into perspective it was not my fault and it no longer controls me.After the session Marc sent me an e-mail with specific affirmations in relation to my life, the things that have been holding me back and the things that made me, worthless, undervalued, and destitute at times. I listen to them twice a day when able, especially when I’m trying to relax or go to sleep.  At the start I listened to every word, now, still listening to them for over 30 days, usually just at night, I seldom hear the ending, my sleep pattern had improved tremendously, I’m more confident even my friends and family have notice such a change in me.I wish I had met him years ago, I wasted so much of my life, no living to my full potential. I will be having another session in the next few months because my issues were extremely complex and although he covered more than half of the issues, it was as we agreed too much for one session.All I can say is Marc you are such an amazing man, so privileged to have met you and availed of your expertise, I believe this was fate, you were sent to me by my guardian angel.  God Bless You my Friend, I hope you don’t mind me referring to you as such.